The Objective

The objective of this weblog, is to post information and insight on Biblical Prophecy and world events that may not be readily available anywhere else, if at all.  It does require that the reader have more than a “basic understanding” of Bible Prophecy and the deception that Satan is using to establish his New World Order under Lucifer.  All “Watchman” have something to offer, I am but one of many…



  1. Excellent work. Thanks for posting…

    • Thank you very much sojournal!


  2. Is that a swastika in the logo above?
    No surprise.

    • Yes, it appears to be! The swastika logo is placed automatically by the owners who operate the blog site, so I have no control over that since the blog is free to anyone who has a desire to create one.


    • I am very interested in trying to obtain a copy of your book “Magic Square” but do not know your name or how to proceed. Please advise.

      Thank you very much. I enjoyed your article on “The Lost Symbol Decoded” it was very informative..

      Best regards……. Russ Teague

      • Hi Russ!

        The title of the book was not “Magic Square”, but if you are interested in this subject, you can simply go to wikipedia online and find some information. In my next article I will disclose infomation reagarding the book, the title, and how to obtain the few remaining “used” copies that can be found on


  3. Really enjoying the articles. Fascinating. Have a question, though. Why is there a swastika logo by each entry?

    Also, is there a link regarding who is the author of these articles … for reference?


  4. Hi Phyllis,

    Thank you for your kind comments on my “work”! The swastika logo is placed automatically by the owners who operate the blog site, so I have no control over that since the blog is free to anyone who has a desire to create one. As for information about the author of the blog, I just chose to remain anonymous since the information posted on this blog is not intended to draw attention to me personally, but to warn, instruct, and tell others about the things I feel the Lord has shown me as a “Watchman”.


  5. Shalom fellow watchman,

    Just wanted to say hello and show my support to you for “declaring what you see”. I also would like to share with you the blog site of another fellow watchman (and good friend & brother of mine) for as you stated above: “all watchman have something to offer”! Let me know what u think.

    In Yeshua’s service,

    • Hi Jesse!

      Thanks for sharing the blog of your friend and “brother- in-Christ”. After a “first glance”, it looks as though he has done a lot of work on his blog, and as time permits, I will read more in depth of the about the things he has shared.


  6. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂
    surface encounters macomb mi

  7. Hey Gary,

    Wanted to follow up with you and see if you’ve had a chance to read more in-dept (as time has permitted) my friend Ken’s P-W blog site (listed above)? If so, do you have any thoughts thus far?


    • Hi Jesse,

      I have read much of your friend’s blog. There are somethings we agree on, other things we do not as is to be expected. There are very few people who totally agree on Biblical prophecy and its realationship to “current events”.

      Gary a.k.a. Watchman33

  8. Thanks Andrei!

    Glad that you got a “kick” out of the posts…


  9. Hello Gary. I am a long time fan of yours, having bought your book back in 1990. I did not apply the Sumerian Code very much back then, but with the use of online Gematria Calculators, I have recently written several reports about subjects such as, UFO ALIENS, BILDERBERGERS, ILLUMINATI, ROMAN CATHOLICS, GAMBLING, DRUGS & DRINKING, 9/11 ATTACKS, OBAMA, and much more. In my research, inspired from your book, I only use (7) preferred numbers in my studies. These are (666),(888), (1080), (1110), (1200), (1776), and (1860). I have also been able to modify the code from whole number to decimal to obtain values equal to the #20. My own book that I am still working on is called “PLENTY TWENTY ~ Many Signs of the End Times” and it has extensive usage of these (7) symbolic numbers. I recently went on a Texas Radio show explaining some current uses of the code and I would love to send you a copy of that cassette. In my own research I have came to the conclusion that this is a Truth Code that reveals both “Pleasant Truth” and “Painful Truth”. Much of what I have found would be painful to a lot of folks who claim to be Christians, and perhaps including yourself. But no matter how painful the truth may be, it is still the truth! I have a great deal of findings on Obama, Muslims, and Islamic Religion, primarily using the #1080. As I spoke on talk radio, the Islamic Flag has a five point star and crescent moon upon them. The five point star is symbolic of the five pillars of Islam, while the crescent moon is symbolic of a “half moon” which the radius or halfway distance of the moon, or 1080 miles. How prophetically ironic is that? The Sumerian Value of “NUMBER TWENTY = 1080” and the #20 is symbolic of PERILOUS TIMES & EXTREME DANGERS. The Attacks on 9/11 = 20, and (20) Terrorists were involved, and all these 9/11 Attacks can be shown on a folded $20 dollar bill. I did say all 4 attacks. Including the next one which will be Nuclear. I explain all of this in my special reports and upcoming new book. To request a copy of a list of my reports or to reserve a copy of my upcoming new book, contact: Again, you were my inspiration and it is a pleasure to comment on your blog. SLS

    • Thank you Steve for being a ‘fan’ and your kind comments on my work and my book! Sounds like you’ve been busy yourself discovering a lot of things with the ‘code’. I found that it is ‘never ending’ in regard to the things that can be revealed when a diligent search is undertaken. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors with the research and with your new upcoming book!

      Gary D. Blevins a.k.a. Watchman33

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