Posted by: watchman33 | October 26, 2016

The Grand Delusion

Part I: If you want to understand the Grand Delusion and Great Deception that is about to be unleashed upon planet earth as stated in some of my previous posts, then you’ll want to listen to every word this ex – NSA agent states!  The second part of this discussion will be posted when it becomes available.


Posted by: watchman33 | December 26, 2015

Damascus Shall Be A Ruinous Heap

Isaiah 17:1

It appears that that day has now arrived!  Plan accordingly, as 2016 may well be the year where life on earth changes forever for all of mankind regardless of race, religion, status, or country…


Posted by: watchman33 | November 27, 2015



By now many will have heard about the “Security Issues” associated with Windows 10. But, did you know that there is “subliminal programming” going on every time your system boots up?…/windows-10-may-be-free-it-…

The spinning circle of dots rotates three times and then repeats the pattern until the system is booted-up. In short, you are seeing a circle of six spinning dots in repeating patterns of three, or 666! Was this designed to precondition our subconscious to accept the Mark of the Beast?  Why not a circle of five dots or seven or more? Think about it…

Gary Blevins's photo.

Posted by: watchman33 | August 27, 2015

September: What Will It Bring?

Look at the following list closely, things are in alignment as never before in history!


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