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The  ARROW OF RA (RE) is the vital key to understanding ALL THE MYSTERY behind Satan’s Design, from the beginning of time, to usher in the New World Order under Antichrist. Once you fully understand the meaning of this symbol and its relative parts, you will then be able to fully comprehend the FULL PICTURE being unveiled!

In 1989, after doing a vast amount of research about the things the Lord was showing me, it was my reading about the Arrow Of RA (RE) that I could not seem to get out of my mind. I had never seen a picture of this “Arrow of RA”, so named in some Masonic works, so I had no idea what it looked like, but felt impressed by the Holy Spirit that it was something that I needed to pursue. Upon the “urging” of the Holy Spirit, I went to the 33 Degree House of The Temple in Washington, D.C., with the hope that the extensive library found therein, would provide an answer. Well, the library was VAST, but immediately upon entering the book racks, I looked up to see a symbol of what looked to be a type of arrow symbol. Sure enough, that was the Arrow of RA (RE) that I was looking for, and I had not been in this huge library of Masonic works for much more than five minutes! I later learned that this book is very rare in the world of rare books, but it has been republished without the arrow on the spine of the book in paperback form. The book is entitled,  The Hidden Life In Freemasonry, by 33rd Degree Master Mason, C. W. Leadbeater, published in 1926. Here’s a photo of what the book that I saw at the 33rd Degree Masonic House of the Temple that day looked like.


Speaking of the Arrow of Ra (Re), Leadbeater stated the following:

“In Egypt, they had a symbol of very great significance, called the Arrow of Ra, which includes both the square of the R. W. M. and his gavel of office” p. 297

“In our plate the different parts are separate, but sometimes they are joined together, and then one gets the effect of an arrow, whence it is named the Arrow of Ra, the Sun-God, who was also called Horus of the Double Horizon, the Son of Osiris and Isis, and yet the reincarnation of Osiris, God in evolution. The lower portion of the drawing refers to His descent into matter, the inverted square signifying descent, and the angle beneath symbolizing the cavern of matter into which He went down. The upper square then indicates that He ascended or rose again. The symbol in the centre… that of the double axe…is that of the Most High God; so the complete glyph is thus a kind of symbolic creed, which for those who drew it affirmed their faith in the descent of the Deity into matter and His final triumphant ascension from it: “descended He; ascended He…” p. 298

Did you catch the “hidden meaning” of the above statements? Osiris (symbolic of the Sun-god, Satan), and Isis (symbolic of the earth goddess, Gaia) will give birth to Horus (Lucifer)! This entire Satanic picture is of the Sun-god of the ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion giving  birth to Lucifer via sexual union in the realm of Dark Spirits, the place of the dead!  Satan’s coming imitation of the birth of Jesus Christ, the real messiah, is fast approaching…


In the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, you will find several “spells”, or invocations, for calling forth Horus (Lucifer) to come forth into the day. This ceremony is called the “Coming Forth By Day“, and is used in conjunction with the Arrow of Ra!

BOOK OF THE DEAD = 666   (Sumerian Code)

Leadbeater went on to state in his book, regarding the Arrow of Ra, on page 299, the following:

“This device appears in many places. It is to be seen in the museum of the Louvre in Paris, engraved upon a Chaldean intaglio made of green jasper. It is also to be found on the walls of some very old churches in Devonshire and Cornwall in England, where it must have been engraved by the wandering Freemasons who built those churches, for the orthodox Christians could have known nothing of it.”

The Masonic Lodge worldwide is busy in building a temple, but it is not a temple that can be seen with the naked eye. This temple is an “imitation” of the temple that is being built of the true believers in, and followers of, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Masonic Lodge is using the bodies  and spirits (souls) of men to build a temple to Satan and his coming son, Lucifer, the Light-Bearer, the Light of whom Freemasonry has been seeking for centuries – and the ancients for thousands of years!

TEMPLE OF RA = 666   (Sumerian Code)

Let’s now read Leadbeater’s description of what he called, the “beautiful ceremony”, performed around the world in Secret Societies since the dawn of time. That is, the Babylonian Mystery Religion. On page, 305, in The Hidden Life In Freemasonry, we read:

“After a few minutes of meditation in the darkness the R. W. M. gave a k…, which was answered as usual, and the W. S. W. said: ‘R. W. M., is it your will that we pray the God Ra to unveil the Hidden Light?’ (The God Ra is the Solar Logos, manifesting through the sun). The R. W. M. replied: ‘Ra unveils His light when we unveil ours. So give that you may receive… When all the forty members had uncovered their lights in that way, the R. W. M. said: The circle is complete; let the light shine.’ The next part of the ceremony was a hymn to Ra, the Logos, the Sun-God, thanking Him for His response, giving glory to Him and saying: ‘Let us bathe in His Light, and pay Him due reverence… ‘Brn, we have built again the Temple of Amen-Ra who creates, sustains and ends the worlds. Osiris, Isis, Horus, all are One in Him. We pledge our lives to Him from whom we receive them; let us invoke His blessing… In response, all the Brn., raised their arms towards the Blazing Star, and solemnely repeated: ‘We pledge our lives to Amen-RA, to Him from whom they came.’ Then, lowering their arms, they broke out into a wonderful finale, an anthem in which the Sacred Name was repeated many times, much as it is in the Amen Chorus in Handel’s Messiah, though the music was more reminiscent of Bach’s fugues: ‘Praise to Amen, thanks to Amen; Amen, Amen, Amen-Ra.’ The happiness and enthusiasm of the Brn. were indescribable.”

SATAN LIGHT = 666   (Sumerian Code)


Do Masons really worship Lucifer? Leadbeater, Pike and others stated it as being true. On page 306 of The Hidden Life In Freemasonry, Leadbeater further stated:

“So ends one of the most wonderful ceremonies in the world… a ceremony which has survived, practically unchanged in its essential parts, from an antiquity so remote that history has forgotten it. Misunderstood, only half appreciated, maimed in many cases of the glorious and dignified rites which are its true expression, it is nevertheless still doing its appointed work in an ungrateful and uncomprehending world. Founded many thousands, perhaps millions, of years ago, by order of the Spiritual King of the World, it still remains one of the mightiest weapons in His hands, one of the most efficient channels of His blessing. Some of us have the wisdom to grasp this, the good karma to be employed in this department of His service; may we never forget how great is our privilege; may we never fail to take the fullest advantage of this opportunity which He has given us!”

Amon (Amun) was an Egyptian deity, one of eight gods, who was worshiped at Thebes during the Twelfth Egyptian Dynasty (1989-1776 B. C.). The name Amon, or Amun, means “The Hidden One”. p.336

THE HIDDEN ONE = 666   (Sumerian Code)

Now that we understand who and what we’re dealing with here, please go to the following site, and digest the drawings as well as the attempts to explain what this symbol means. It is easier to direct you there than to reproduce all of the symbols and comments here.


Heliopolis was ancient Syria, and the name means, “City of The Sun“. One of the most ancient of Egyptian cities, it was the seat of worship of the Sun-god Ra (Re)! Heliopolis is often referred to as the “Pillar City” because of the great number of obelisks at that location.

SUN CITY = 666   (Sumerian Code)

The information disclosed in this post, is the entire foundation of information that is paramount to understanding the balance of The Lucifer Project – Raising Antichrist.

The evidence available to support the things being revealed here, can be found everywhere in “bits and pieces”, but without a clear road map of why, how, and when, and what all this evidence reveals, it is all but “hidden” to most. This is the reason for this project’s being – to provide a road map for understanding this huge Satanic Puzzle. In order to understand even more about what is happening in the “dark corners” of the world, please read the following available links:

. … fu-cpu.htm


By no means is this all of the story, which in the end, will take us to the year 2012. Still to come, is the Zero Year Mystery, the Resurrection Ceremony, the Masonic Year of Light, the 144,000, the Mystery of 911, and much more…



  1. very very interesting


    I don’t know if you have read any of Wes Penre’s stuff. I don’t agree with any of his philosophy, but he is disseminating pertinent information on the Masonic Lucifer, as you can see from the above link.

    Ut Opus!


  3. Fascinating work,thank you for your labor,I will be turning others on to this and your watcher’s forum posts.

    Semper Fi,

  4. I am re-reading this to refresh my memory. I cannot find the news updates you used to have under “July”. Would you point me in the right direction?

    THanks so much.

    • Phyllis, you’ll find them under the month of June in the archives…


  5. This is flawless. Thank you. Keep in Mind, all symbols except the pure Circle are a symbol for the Lucifer Matrix. The I. The phallus. The I (Or Eye) is a Sigil. The universe is a Digital Conscious Universe that looks like this: IIOOIIOOOIIOOO where O is the Divine Feminine or Organic and the I (or AI) is the Divine Masculine or Synth. Good work, I enjoyed it. Inlakesh

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