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Is the “Perfect Storm” for Americans just over the horizon?  All major storms take most people by surprise as they are not expecting things to get nearly as bad as they sometimes do.  Are you making preparations for a “temporary and minor” disruption of food, water, and electrical services, as well as a disruption of banking, government and medical services?  Homeland Security states that we Americans should have two weeks of food and water and any necessary medical supplies in order to get by in “any” future emergency that might arise.  That’s like telling a drowning man to hold his breath while you drive thirty miles to town for help because you can’t swim!  Rest assured that the drowning man will not survive, and if you follow Homeland Security’s advice, neither will you!  It is amazing to me that people will often not believe things that are facts and documented by those in the “know” just because they refuse to accept that anything unpleasant might, in fact, be reality.  That is why you often times see and hear labels such as “False Prophets”, “Fear Mongers”, “Conspiracy Theorists”, “Hate Mongers” and the like being pinned on the bearers of unpleasant news.  Often the naysayers are personally convicted in their own soul because they have done nothing to prepare for what is predicted to come, either physically or spiritually, and therefore are in the position of the “five foolish virgins”!  As a Watchman, it is my duty to ISSUE THE WARNINGS of the things that I see and hear, not insure that anyone complies with the warnings that go forth.  Today’s article is certainly no different, as you are not accountable to me nor I to you, but to the Lord only!  If you are a “born-again” believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, then take everything to the Lord in prayer as to what you should do with any of the information you receive from this blog and elsewhere.  Always consider the source or sources of the information, but realize that you and your family may not survive if you happen to be on the wrong side of certain issues!  Today’s article addresses such a WARNING that has been given by two individuals that I accept as not only being credible, but are making every attempt to WARN all who will listen to the things that are now happening and that are being planned for the immediate future (1-3 months) based upon highly credible sources.

Ezekiel 27:28

The suburbs shall shake at the sound of the cry of thy pilots.


The symbol on America’s Great Seal is an eagle with outstretched wings along with the pyramid and the all-seeing eye of Horus (Lucifer) resting above and overseeing the “undertakings” and building of the Great Work as the Illuminati/Masonic followers often refer to their plan for a New World Order.

Isaiah 18

1Woe to the land shadowing with wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia:


Is America a nation that is scattered and peeled whose rivers have been spoiled?  There is no doubt about it!  Not only is America divided into states, but also is divided into counties, communities, townships, cities, farms and forests.  If you have been on an airplane and looked down, then you have personally seen a nation that is “scattered and peeled whose rivers have been spoiled”.  Most rivers and streams in America do not flow with drinkable water, and even the fish therein, in many cases, are not safe to consume!  This is a nation, that according to God, is under judgment!

2That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of bulrushes upon the waters, saying, Go, ye swift messengers, to a nation scattered and peeled, to a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden down, whose land the rivers have spoiled!


The sound of the trumpet is being blown to all the inhabitants of the world, and the signs are everywhere that The Perfect Storm is coming!  Can you not yet hear the sound of the trumpet?

3All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.

4For so the LORD said unto me, I will take my rest, and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs, and like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.


When will The Perfect Storm of destruction hit the nation that is “scattered and peeled whose rivers are spoiled”?  According to Scripture, It will be just before the time of harvest.  The birds will feed on the dead during the summer, and the wild beasts will feast on them during the winter.  Now, this is not to say that there is only one storm coming, but clearly there is a PERFECT STORM THAT IS COMING UPON AMERICA!  While I cannot predict when these things will take place, I can only state what Scripture says and what I and other Watchmen see on the horizon for America.

5For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.

6They shall be left together unto the fowls of the mountains, and to the beasts of the earth: and the fowls shall summer upon them, and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them.


The Lord will be presented with the “gift” of the nation that is “scattered and peeled, meted out, and trodden under foot whose land the rivers have spoiled”.  What better description of America can anyone find than the one given here?  This could also speak of a future division of America into several different regions when placed under dictatorial and military control.

Adj. 1. meted out – given out in portions

distributed – spread out or scattered about or divided up


7In that time shall the present be brought unto the LORD of hosts of a people scattered and peeled, and from a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden under foot, whose land the rivers have spoiled, to the place of the name of the LORD of hosts, the mount Zion.

down trodden

1. tyrannized over; oppressed: the downtrodden plebeians of ancient Rome.
2. trodden down; trampled upon.
The following message might well be one of the most important “warnings” that you will hear in the year 2009, so I urge you to listen with SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT as two Watchmen pour out their heart to anyone who has “ears to hear”.  Listen to the message that was given on 12/03/2009 at the following link. 


Why is, what appears to be foreign military equipment, being shipped into America as shown in this video from California?  Is this further verification of the things revealed in the warning being sounded above?


If you wish to listen to the radio traffic of Police, Firemen, and other government agencies in Los Angeles County California, the following link will allow you to do just that.  It has often been stated “That as California goes, so goes the nation!”  Should anything major appear to be happening on the West Coast, then law enforcement agencies in the area would be talking about it on their radios.  If the internet is still “up” during that time of chaos, then this site will allow you to “listen in” on those conversations in order to obtain a more true perspective of what is really going on instead of trying to read between the lines of the major TV networks.


After you have listened to the above audio, watched the videos, and you are still not convinced that there is a serious problem in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, then by all means you should watch the following video as well for even more proof that the “BEAST is at the door” in Babylon!




  1. Can I translate this article to Spanish and post it to my Spanish speaking friends.

    • Hi Engineer!

      Yes, you may translate the article into Spanish. All I request is that you provide the blog site address so that the original source of the material can be found, and credit Watchman33 for the work to be translated into Spanish.


  2. thanks for a well written article and for sounding the shofar. many are being awakened at this time. sites for news uncensored are and until the kingdom of god/yahushua. his millenial reign of peace approaches after six thousand years of mans misery. see restored church of god for great booklets and articles. with love, annie

    • Hi Annie!

      Thank you very much for the kind compliment!


  3. […] The Perfect Storm […]

  4. Thank you for putting this all together. God Bless!
    There is power in the Blood Of Jesus!

    • Hi Michael!

      You’re most welcome!


  5. liquorstores are bieng hardened in the heights with doors electronic doors and pipes set into concrete all over the place menards and the roads re bieng screwed up with heavy duty planters so nobody can get out of there when northcome starts roadblcking. fed cop outfits are bieng equipped with 20/50s-they are 20 mm cases necked down to 50 caliber and are a wildcat cartridge of awesome power. they spook even seasoned shooters with the brute kinetic energy stuffed in them. indicators say the balloon is going up in the states in 50 days.2nd tier spook outfits are marking gun owners curbs with infared markers and vehicle mounted infared pots will let lucie spooks home in like electronic heyennas when the lites go out

    • If 50 days is the case, then no one should expect a “tax refund” from the IRS, as the government is broke/bankrupt across all levels and sectors – and “the game” will soon be over – and forceably so.

      The raw brute reality of “the American way of life” will be revealed for the lie that it has always been, but sheltered from the American people with charades and parades and plenty of rah-rah hip hooray for the American way – which has led straight to the edge of the abyss … of total unleashed hell.

      “Code 66” – remember it well from Star Wars. It will happen here. Seemingly “patriotic” types will turn on a dime when given “the code” and will betray many of the defenders of the faith.

      Keep your logistics close to your vest, even from family members, until on a “need to know basis”.

      Trust no one, Mr. Mulder.

      Many will turn and crumble and cave under the pressure. Don’t let that happen to you or anyone of this website.

      Remain resolute in your Faith in the One who redeemed you unto Life Eternal, for He is the ONLY ONE to whom allegience is due.

      Not our government. Not our flag. Not our nation.

      For those who have been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb have become a New Nation under God … a Nation not built by/with human hands, but by those of the Creator – OUR Creator!

  6. I have seen the Messiah and seen Tabernacle read 14 chapter of Isaiah. The Babylon System is coming down.

  7. I am scared of that which is to come…however I am trusting in JESUS!!! Thank you for all that you do…your crowns await you!!

  8. Matthew 21-22
    God will hear our payers we can save America from the perfect storm. Gods judgment on all will still come

  9. thanks so much !!

  10. [quote]Yes, you may translate the article into Spanish. All I request is that you provide the blog site address so that the original source of the material can be found, and credit Watchman33 for the work to be translated into Spanish.[\quote]

    Thank You Watchman33. God Bless
    Here is the link in Spanish.

  11. Here is the version I posted in that forum.
    If you have any objections, please let me know and I will remove it. Thanks again.

    Watchman: declarar Lo Que Ve! EZEKIEL 33
    · El objetivo
    Posted por: , Watchman33 en | 5 De diciembre de 2009,
    Es la “tormenta perfecta” para ¿Los estadounidenses sólo sobre el horizonte? Todas las grandes tormentas toman la mayoría de las personas por sorpresa como no esperan las cosas casi como mal como lo hacen a veces. Está usted haciendo los preparativos un interrupción “temporal y menor” de alimentos, agua y eléctricos servicios, así como una interrupción de la banca, ¿Gobierno y servicios médicos? Seguridad de patria afirma que nos Los estadounidenses deben tener dos semanas de alimentos y agua y los necesarios suministros médicos a fin de obtener en “cualquier” futuro emergencia que podrían surgir. Eso es como decirle a un hombre ahogamiento celebrar su respirar mientras usted conduce a treinta millas al pueblo para ayuda porque usted no se puede nadar! Tenga la seguridad de que el hombre ahogamiento no lo sobrevivir, y si sigue consejos de seguridad nacional, ni ¡En serio! Resulta sorprendente para mí que la gente a menudo no creerá cosas que son hechos y documentadas por aquellos en el “saber” sólo porque rechazan para aceptar que nada desagradable puede, de hecho, ser realidad. Es decir por qué usted a menudo veces ver y escuchar las etiquetas como “Falso profetas”, “Fear ventas”, “conspiración Teóricos”,”Hate ventas”y similares que se cubrió a en los portadores de noticias desagradables. A menudo la naysayers personalmente son condenados en su propia alma porque no han hecho nada para prepararse para lo que se prevé para venir, ya sea físicamente o espiritualmente y por lo tanto están en la posición de las “cinco vírgenes tonta!” Como un Watchman, es mi deber al problema de las advertencias de las cosas que veo y escuchar, no asegurar que nadie cumple con las advertencias que vaya sucesivamente. Artículo de hoy es, sin duda, no es diferente, como usted no responsable ante mí ni yo a usted, pero al señor sólo! Si estás un creyente “renacido” en el Señor Jesús Cristo, luego tomar todo a el Señor en oración a lo que debe hacer con cualquiera de los información recibe desde este blog y en otros lugares. Siempre Tenga en cuenta el origen u orígenes de la información, pero se da cuenta de que usted y su familia no puede sobrevivir si no lo hace en el mal en el lado de ciertas cuestiones! Artículo de hoy aborda como un ADVERTENCIA que se ha dado por dos individuos que acepto como no sólo siendo creíble, pero están haciendo todo lo posible para ADVERTIR a todos los que escuche las cosas que están sucediendo ahora y que se prevé para el futuro inmediato (1-3 meses) basado en altamente fuentes fiables.

    Ezequiel 27:28
    Los suburbios se agitar a el sonido del clamor de tus pilotos.


    El símbolo de America Great Sello es un águila con las alas extendidas, junto con la pirámide y el ojo viendo todo de Horus (Lucifer) descanso por encima y supervisar la “empresas” y la construcción de la Gran obra, tal como la Puertorro/masónico seguidores a menudo se refieren a su plan para un Nuevo orden mundial.

    Isaías 18
    1, Woe a el sombreado de tierra con alas , , que está más allá de los ríos de Etiopía:
    Es una nación que es de América ¿dispersos y pelado cuyos ríos han sido deteriorados? Hay Sin dudas al respecto! No sólo está dividida en los Estados, sino también de América está dividido en condados, comunidades, municipios, ciudades, granjas y bosques. Si usted ha sido en un avión y Miró, entonces tienes visto personalmente una nación que es “dispersos y pelados cuyos ríos han sido mimado”. La mayoría de los ríos y arroyos en América no fluir con agua potable e incluso el pescado en él, en muchos casos, es no es seguro para consumir! Se trata de una nación, que de acuerdo a Dios, está bajo sentencia!
    2Que envía a embajadores por el mar, incluso en los buques de Eneas sobre las aguas, diciendo, Go, ye mensajeros rápidas, a una nación dispersos y pelado, a un las personas terribles de su principio hasta ahora, una nación infligido y pisoteada por , cuyas tierras han deteriorado los ríos!


    El sonido de la trompeta está siendo para todos los habitantes del mundo y las señales están en todas partes queElSe viene la Tormenta perfecta! Aún no se puede ¿se oye el sonido de la trompeta?
    3Todos vosotros habitantes del mundo y los habitantes de la tierra, Consulte ye, cuando él lifteth un alférez sobre las montañas; ycuando él bloweth una trompeta, oíd .
    4De modo el Señor dijo a mí, tomaré mi descanso, y se considero en mi vivienda colocar como un claro calor a hierbas y como una nube de Rocío en el calor de cosecha .
    Será cuando La tormenta perfecta de destrucción golpeó a la nación que es “dispersos y pelado cuyos ríos son ¿mimado”? De acuerdo con las escrituras, será justo antes de la hora de cosecha. Las aves se alimentan de los muertos durante el verano y la naturaleza bestias se fiesta en ellos durante el invierno. Ahora, no eso decir que hay sólo una tormenta llegando, pero claramente hay es un PERFECT STORM que IS COMING en AMERICA! Si bien no puedo predecir cuando estas cosas llevarán a cabo, sólo puedo afirmar qué escritura dice y lo que yo y otros Watchmen ve en el horizonte para América.
    5Para antes la cosecha , cuando el capullo es perfecto, y la uva ácida es maduración en la flor, él se cortó las ramitas con ganchos de poda tanto para llevar y reducir las ramas.
    6 se dejará juntos a las aves de las montañas y a las bestias de la tierra: las aves deberán verano sobre ellos y todos los bestias de la tierra invierno sobre ellos.


    El Señor se presentará con el “regalo” de la nación que es “dispersos y pelado, infligido, y hollada por cuyas tierras han deteriorado los ríos”. ¿Qué mejor ¿Descripción de América puede encontrar que el dado aquí? Esto También se puede hablar de una futura división de América en varias diferentes regiones cuando coloca bajo control dictatorial y militar.

    Adj. 1. dispe
    nsa de de out – Dado que en porciones prorrateado, Tratado, doled a, parceled adistribuidos – extendió fuera o dispersos sobre o dividido

    7a este tiempo deberá señalarse el presente a JEHOVÁ de hosts de un pueblo dispersos y peladas y desde un pueblo terrible de su principio hasta ahora; una nación infligido y hollada, por cuyas tierras han deteriorado los ríos, al lugar del nombre del Señor de hosts, el Monte Sión.
    abajo hollada
    1. tyrannized más; oprimidos: los plebeyos desprotegidos de la antigua Roma.

    2. hollada abajo; pisoteado.


    El siguiente mensaje bien podría ser una de las más importantes “advertencias” que escuchará en el año 2009, por lo que les pido que escuchar con DISCERNIMIENTO espiritual como dos Watchmen derramado su corazón a cualquier persona que tenga “orejas para escuchar”. Escuchar el mensaje que se le dio el 12/03/2009 en el siguiente enlace.

    ¿Por qué es, lo que parece ser equipo militar extranjera, que se envían en América, como se muestra en este vídeo ¿de California? Es esta verificación más de las cosas que se reveló en ¿la advertencia que sonaba anteriormente?


    Si desea escuchar la tráfico de radio de la policía, bomberos y otras agencias de Gobierno en los Ángeles Condado de California, el siguiente enlace le permitirá hacer precisamente eso. Se ha sido declarado a menudo “Que según California, por lo que va la nación!” Debe nada importante parecen estar ocurriendo en la costa oeste y, a continuación, ley organismos encargados de hacer cumplir en el área podrían estar hablando acerca de en sus radios. Si internet es aún “hasta” durante ese tiempo de caos, entonces Este sitio te va a “escuchar” en las conversaciones con el fin de permitir obtener una perspectiva más cierto de lo que está ocurriendo realmente en vez de tratar de leer entre líneas de los principales canales de televisión.


    Después de que ha escuchado el sobre audio, visto los vídeos, y usted no todavía está convencidos que hay un problema grave en la “tierra de los libres y el hogar de los valientes”, entonces por todos los medios debe vigilar el siguiente video así incluso más prueba de que el “BEAST es en la puerta” en Babilonia!



    My appologies. You must register to the forum first before viewing the Watchman33 article in Spanish. Here is what to do.

    Usuario: Pick a name you want to use

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    Then you will see the article. God Bless

    • Almost forgot, don’t forget to press the Ingresar after picking your name and password to view the article.

  13. don’t forget to click on Ingresar to read the article.

  14. Please help me understand “peeled”? I am confused by it. How do we know this is the United States this scripture is talking about for sure. I figure this is correct, but want to be able to explain to others.

    My bible says this is “beyond the rivers of Ethiopia”. I am not good at old testament prophecy, forgive me.

    If you can help with these two questions, would be sooo appreciated.

    (I do know the ax is about to fall in this country, just trying to understand the scripture. thank you.)

    • Hi Phyllis,

      Please see my reply to Jim on the subject of “peeled” in regard to America. As for the rest of Isaiah 18, we either believe that this a prophesy against America as the nation of Last Day Babylon or we don’t, as even the most “learned” theologians do not agree on the complete meaning of Isaiah 18! Like other things in Scripture, we either accept it by Holy Spirit discerment (we become personally convicted and convinced) or we reject it as not pertaining to America. As for me, it represents America…


  15. I have a couple of questions about your article. First, the translation you give seems to indicate that the land is spoiled by the rivers, rather than that the rivers would be spoiled as you seem to have interpreted it. Do other translations give a different context, or where do you get this interpretation from?
    Second, the term “peeled” is used, but it is unclear what that means in this context. I notice that once you repeated the term with the spelling of “pealed”, which carries a different meaning to me, as in when a bell peals out an alarm. But that is not what the translation you are using indicates. Could you give some insight as to what this term “peeled” means in this context?

    • Hi Jim,

      As for Scripture, there can be more than one “teaching” about the same verse via the Holy Spirit instead of only the limited meaning of just the word being used. The rivers of America have certainly spoiled the land, and the land has spoiled the rivers all due to the chemicals placed thereon and therein. If you want the original meaning of the word “spoiled” only, here is Stong’s 0958 azb baza’ baw-zaw’

      a primitive root; v; {See TWOT on 223}

      AV-spoiled 2; 2

      1) (Qal) to divide, cleave, cut through

      While I personally believe that this is a dual reference that God intended for this nation, the rivers of America absolutely divide and cut the nation according to the original meaning of the word used in the text.

      As for “peeled”, that was a typo on my part that will be corrected. The Strong’s # and original meaning of the word is found below. America has been “peeled” (scoured, furbished, and made smooth) by the rape of the land with residential and commerical construction, streets, highways, and cities. Mountains have been leveled and forests have been cut down and that’s only a start of what has been done to the land. If you “peel” an apple, it will never again be the same in form or in appearance. So it is with America. The land has been scoured, furbished, and made smooth!

      strong’s # 04178 jrwm mowrat mo-rawt’

      from 03399; part; {See TWOT on 1244}

      AV-peeled 2, furbished 2, bright 1; 5

      1) (Pual) scoured, polished, smooth


  16. omeone i know lays claim he has herbal cure for the reactions that kids are showing to the drugs administered by the ironheel govt. and if there is someone who wants to pursue it i can mail it to steve quayle who can properly handle it

  17. Very informative like you I too am a watchman

    • Hi Joshua!

      Appreciate your kind compliment. Keep up the work as a “Watchman”…


  18. Thanks Watchman, for all you do. I pray for all of you, and your families.


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  20. America will be tested. This won’t be just another Super Bowl.

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