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As many of you know, Tom Horn has released a new book which I wrote about in Adonis Rising 2012 in the July archives of this blog.  It appears that the only thing Tom and I don’t agree on about all this is who will be the “spirit being” or demonic entity that will incarnate human flesh, along with Satan, to become the Antichrist and final World Dictator.  Tom believes, according to his research and his book, that it will be Apollyon or Apollo, while I believe that it will be Adonis.  Either way, it becomes a moot point who’s right about the demonic entity that will incarnate flesh, as Scripture clearly teaches that this event will take place!  Certainly, every thinking person should read Tom’s new book, as it confirms much of what has been stated in The Lucifer Project – Raising Antichrist!  It finally becomes crystal clear to me why the Holy Spirit instructed me to place this information on the World-Wide Web in the first place.  Most of my research on these issues took place over 20 years ago, so it’s not exactly a new topic that I’ve suddenly come across with Tom’s new book and web site. 


Tom puts many “ducks in a row” both in his book and in his interviews, as he journeys down the road few have had the intestinal fortitude to travel.  He has brought forth much “fruit”!  In order to fully understand what’s going on with the Rising Ceremony and the Great Work, you must first get a firm handle on the details.  If you have read The Lucifer Project – Raising Antichrist, then please listen to the four-part interview of Tom Horn on Future Quake, as all four parts are listed as one single file that can be downloaded and listened to as time permits.  I recommend that you listen to it more than once, as the information will be new to many if to not most.  Also, the mind has a tendency to “wonder” or “think” while listening, which will result in one missing some valuable information and insight into what Tom is saying.  Since new information has also come to light, which will be forth coming in my next major blog article, it is a must to hear and comprehend what Tom is stating in his interviews on the Future Quake Radio Program.  The following program can be listened to or downloaded here:




  1. God began revealing things to me back in the 1973-74 era, not through direct revelations or dreams or visions, but through the book “Chariots of the Gods”.

    I first became aware of this book in 1973 at the local five-and-dime-and-drugstore. But God held me back from buying it, until about a year later, in 1974. The reason that God held me back for about a year – as I would learn years later as I got to know God better and how He worked in my life – was so that my faith in His Word – the Bible – would become solid in those areas of Scripture, in which the “Chariots” book would derive and base some of the author’s arguments upon.

    Anyone can take Scriptures out of context, as well as in context, and get them to support any desired-for conclusion. The “key” to understanding Scripture is to go to the Source of that Scripture and ask Him what His Word means.

    The author of “Chariots” was not a Christian, so he was not in a credible position to “rightly divide” the Word of God for clues as to the “ancient gods” mystery. However, what the author did have was a researcher’s heart and disciplined mind to investigate clues and information, no matter where they may lead, and to look at things in a new light and from different angles. The author delved into areas and facts that the scientific and religious establishments would have preferred left alone, as they could only rely upon their already well-rehearsed “teachings of men”.

    “Chariots” took the world by storm, and set off an avalanche of similar books for the years that followed.

    Given how persuasive “Chariots” was, it was important that God grounded me in those areas of Scripture, that I may have been otherwise persuaded in a different non-Godly conclusion, and thereby direction in all subsequent readings and understandings and conclusions of His Word.

    After reading “Chariots”, my faith in God and in His Word was not diminished one bit, but fortified! Because God had grounded me in His Word, I was able to read a non-Christian book – at a tender youthful easily-influenced age – and “rightly divide” it, separating the true from the false.

    This was my first experience, but it would not be my last. For in the summer of 1975, while working at a job through a church camp sponsorship, God blew open the barn doors to my understanding of things through a series of books – some secular, some Christian – but all dealing with “the mysteries of the unknown” – mostly UFOs, ancient gods, and ancient human history – all going against the grain of “established” religious and scientific thoughts and beliefs.

    I couldn’t get enough, as I would read late into the night, and start again early the next day – book after book, as God would “lead” me to another book to read. My head felt like it would explode at times, so much information was being digested and whirled about in my mind …

    until … it all became clear … and the journey has continued to this day.

    As another secular author once said, everything you know is a lie.

    The point of that statement to me is, that much of what we have been taught to be true, think to be true, and believe to be true, has been based upon someone else’s thoughts and beliefs, and not necessarily upon “the truth”. Or, even if “the truth” is what has been presented, has it become “personal”, or does it remain “external” and consequently a “semblance” – as “a form of godliness”.

    So just what is “the truth”? and “the truth” within the Bible?

    Throughout my Christian life, I have heard so many preachers and teachers say “the Bible says”! as though the “voice of Gaawd” was speaking.

    But upon closer scrutiny, especially upon further revelation by the Spirit of God, it became clear that the preachers and teachers might have had some of it right, but not all of it. But what was most troubling, was their desire to NOT want to delve deeper into the “deep things of God” and His Word. They were content to remain within their belief-systems … and ALL else was “of the devil”.

    God has SO MUCH MORE …

    God’s Word is designed to be revelation upon revelation upon revelation – the proverbial “layers of an onion” of depths and understandings. There are such wondrous mysteries revealed within the Word of God, that simply can bring one to their knees in praise and worship of such an awesome God!

    So, in light of Tom Horn’s books, the writings of Watchman33’s, and so many others, much of the framework of what is presented is already familiar to me, yet there are many new details and fresh arguments that have emerged since the 1970’s that these authors have presented to their respective readerships.

    May God richly bless these author’s and their works, and may their lives be living testimonies, and their works be sound vehicles, whereby the Spirit may convince and convict hearts into the Kingdom of God – through His Son Jesus Christ!

    • Loren,

      Thank you so much for a great testimony! I too read “chariots of the Gods” and other books of a similiar slant, but since I became born-again at the age of twelve years, my mind was protected from the false teaching that mankind’s creation of the human race was by a race of aliens from another “star system”. To me, this appears to be the coming “Great Deception” that will soon turn the world into a New World Order under a one world religion – a religion that replaces God with an alien race who claim to be our creators, and that the human race was only one of their many DNA experiments! The appearance of various “crop circles” and the recent discoveries of new planets, solar systems, and stars that appear even more frequently in this hour seem to be “grooming” humanity for the day when the “gods return”.


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