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Is the countdown of the 70th Week of Daniel about to begin?  Have all the prophecy teachers and theologians of the past 100 years or so been “rightly dividing the Word” in regard to Daniel’s prophecy of the End-Days?  Has the “un-sealing” of the mysteries that were previously “sealed” begun?  Several writers and teachers of Bible prophecy are now teaching that our time can be likened to “as in the days of Noah”, but what exactly does that mean?  Before I viewed the video that can be found at the following link below, I was already convinced from my research and study that we are indeed living in the “final hour” just before Lucifer will make his final chess move on the world chessboard to usher in the Kingdom of Antichrist.  Furthermore, that the last 1260 days, the “time of Jacob’s Trouble”, and the Antichrist reign could well begin in the year 2013 according to the “Final Generation” if using a generation of 70 years as has been accorded to man.  Regardless of where you might stand on this issue, the following video should provide a viewpoint and information that you most likely were unaware of in regard to Daniel’s 70 Weeks.  (Note: This video is available by download – right click and download to watch)




After viewing the following videos, you’ll find that Michael Rood was proclaiming the same thing in 2006 regarding Daniel’s 70 Weeks; and he was apparently doing so four years prior to Monte Judah’s messages!  Which one of these men first spoke of this scenario is unknown to me.  Thanks to David Flynn and his Watcher Forum for bringing this information to “front and center”.  While I know very little about either Monte Judah or Michael Rood, their explanation of Daniel’s 70 Weeks certainly is worthy of “inspection” in light of just current events alone.  Let’s watch and see how the next month or two plays out in regard to their “teaching” before we totally discard everything that these two men have stated.

Gary  a. k. a. Watchman33


  1. Thank You, I always look forward to your articles each month! Monte Judah on GLC was awesome to listen to.

    • Hi Karla!

      Thank you, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the video! It appears that much is being “unveiled” in this day and hour if we only take the time to “look and listen” to what the Holy Spirit is revealing in many areas surrounding the Lord’s Second Coming.

      Gary a. k. a. Watchman33

  2. The video link says “forbidden” to access.

    • Hi Kay!

      Apparently this video has been “taken down” from public access and is no longer available for “free viewing”. If anyone finds another location where it is available, please notify all here in the “comment section”.

      Gary a. k. a. Watchman33

  3. the link worked for me today 4/24

    • Well pjcab, You must have the “magic touch” as I have not been able to access the link and I’ve tried everything almost daily!

      Gary a. k. a. Watchman33

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