Posted by: watchman33 | April 26, 2010



Having access to both Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox browsers, I often discover that “censorship” is build into Microsoft’s browser that prevents certain material from displaying properly or being readable period!  The following link is but one example.  Test it for yourself on your computer and see if you can read the information at the following link with Microsoft’s web browser.  If the screen comes up for you on a Microsoft browser, it is certainly interesting that it does not on my computer.  If so, this is not the first time that I have experienced this problem with apparent censorship by Microsoft’s browser.

Gary  a. k. a. Watchman33



  1. Worked ok for me, but I’m still using IE6 and XP SP1.

    • Thanks Loren,

      I’m using IE version 8, and this site is still garbage! It will not display at all! Maybe my computer has been desiginated a “target” by the PTB. Also, while working on the blog, IE 8 will not allow me to place any YouTube videos, so I have to go to FireFox in order to place any video. I’m using Windows 7 and the latest version of Internet Explorer as well as McAfee Virus Protection Suite. I’d like to hear from others using Windows 7 and IE version 8 as to their experience.

      Gary a. k. a. Watchman33

  2. The link worked for me at the local library using Internet Explorer as my browser.

    • Thanks Michael,

      Maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this mystery yet!

      Gary a. k. a. Watchman33

  3. I am able to access the site fully with FireFox. It also uploaded fine on Internet Explorer.

    Take care, be safe.


  4. Worked fine for me also.

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