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The Luciferians/Illuminatists, by their own belief system, are compelled to reveal beforehand their plans for world domination in picture, word, and numerical form.  This is necessary, in their belief system, in order for the “blood sacrifices” planned and ordered by them to be of any benefit in obtaining increased “spiritual energy” from the sacrifices (murders).  In The First Four Seals article I exposed how this was done in the utilization of the very name of the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.  Now let’s turn our attention to the name given to the OIL WELL itself – The Macondo Oil Well.  What’s different about this is that it is not a well as such, but a hole into the earth that is releasing deadly poisons upon the earth, its waters and humanity.  A well implies that it is under control and can be “tapped” or shut down as desirable, which is not the case in this situation.  All the world refers to this as the “Gulf Oil Spill” which is closer to the truth of the matter, as the oil and poison is actually “spilling” from the underground hole in the earth.  It can not be deemed an oil “leak” since it was never contained to start with.  So, once again the Illuminati are calling a “spade a spade” as per their belief system!  


Here’s an article that speaks of the situation and reveals the actual name given to the “oil well” in the Gulf that continues to pour out its deadly mix of toxins.

How does all this play out in the Satanic supernatural numbering system in relation to the “oil spill”?  Consider the following facts:



Once again, verify the numbers for yourself at the following link.

What is the mathematical probability of the name of the Gulf Oil Rig that exploded and the name given to the “well” (hole) having the exact same numerical values?  Well, my calculator doesn’t go that high!  As previously seen, the number 1212 is in reality the number 33 (1+2 = 3; 1 + 2 = 3) according to the Satanic numbering system being utilized by the Luciferians/Illuminists.  Is Mr. 1212 (Mr. 33) is gearing up for his final appearance as the Son of Perdition!  

Gary  a. k. a.  Watchman33



  1. thanks again watchman always look forward to your insights. and I have started to use the gematria calculator thanks again your brother in jesus. chuck

    • Hi Chuck!

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for the kind comments…

      Gary a. k. a. Watchman33

  2. Thank you so much, Watchman. Periodically, I second guess whether this is truely the end times as a defense mechanism. It is so hard to get my mind and heart around, although I have known it would come soon because of God’s words of prophecy.

    Your incites bring me back to the aweful reality of what is ahead, but it buys me time to prepare physically and spiritually….and urges me on to witness to my family and others as God provides.

    God has blessed me through your alerts and studies. Thank you so much.

    Be safe,


    • Hi Phyllis!

      You’re very welcome! Yes Phyllis, it really is hard at times for any of us to come to grip with the “day and hour” in which now we find ourselves living. We should approach each day with our eyes on the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and not be dismayed in our “spirit” as the world system crumbles all around us…


  3. here is what look up fellowship said,he says that there is video of two blue beams hitting the rig just befour it blew,you can see the video on his site.whatever the case,this hole to hell has been opened and cannot be closed by any human hands,this poison will flow on,until the sea floor caves in.we will know soon if the monsters have been released.for we must stand and go out to meet the enemies,we must not go quietly into their darkness,we must stand and call the lords power around us,and his protection,and shout his real name until the end.WE WILL STAND!

  4. I would surely appreciate a link of the photo of those beams if someone could help me. I went to the LookUp Fellowship site, and cannot find it.

    Thanks so much,


  5. Here is a link that is easier. The video is on this site.

  6. My deepest apologies to everyone. There are some nasty things/pics and language at that site. I just wanted to check out the “blue flames”.

    Needless to say, I will check out a whole page before I leave a link here again. I know we are all grown-ups here, but that stuff is an affront to our Lord.

    Again, I am sorry.


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