Posted by: watchman33 | August 22, 2010



  1. Very good clip. I do find it amusing that it plays Reagan as the wise voice, considering all the info you have given us. However, most folks will have a positive response to him, and the point is legit.

    Thanks for all you do, Watchman. I share your site with others whenever I can.


    • Hi Phyllis!

      In light of everything disclosed about Reagan, the “timing” of this upcoming movie and the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Reagan’s birth by Obama is very interesting to say the least! It is just a little over six months before this event starts, and apparently it will not be a “one day” celebration, but could well run into the year 2012. Have we already witnessed the last U. S. Presidential Election? Since Scripture clearly tells us that “Satan comes as an angel of light”, it will catch many people by surprise when his “man of the hour” appears to correct the world’s problems. Stay tuned, the “story” is about to get even more interesting…


  2. I have moved to another town, and have a new email. Was afraid I had lost track of you and for a while could not locate you again on line.

    Glad to see you are “alive and ticking”. You have given me a lot of clarity over the time that I have read your articles, and grateful to have found you again.

    I need to do some catching up. 🙂

    Be safe, Phyllis

    • Hi Phyllis!

      Hope your “move” to a new location is going well. Things are going to become “real interesting” in the next few months.


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