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While the numbers 33, 666, 1212, 444, and 1110 have been covered in-depth in this series of articles, little has been mentioned regarding the number 69 and its usage by the Illuminati/Luciferian crowd.  The last article explained the connection of the 69 days involving the 33 Chilean miners and with Ronald Reagan’s association with the number 33 and being age 69 when he was first elected President of the United States.  These numbers and the manner in which they have been used predict the “raising ceremony” of the coming Antichrist/Lucifer.  However, we didn’t get into the “meaning” of the number itself in the overall scheme of things.  Bear with me as I attempt to unravel this “numerical mystery”.  I think you will be amazed at how the number 69 has been used, and what it represents to the “enlightened ones” who are planning a New World Order for their “supernatural world leader”!


Just as the Washington Monument (Phallus) inside the circle represents sexual union in the place of dead spirits (hell), the number 69 is representative of the exact same thing as well.  The overall plan of Satan is to bring WORLD UNION to all nations under a New Global World Government over which his “chosen one” will rule.  The number “69” and its usage is very evident in Satan’s plan to accomplish this very thing right in plain view of all with “eyes to see”.

Some of you might be astonished at how brazen people are when it comes to displaying this number in public without the least bit of modesty or shame!  Remember, SEXUAL UNION is not just a “physical act”, but also a “spiritual one” with lasting consequences for all involved.  Here are just a few blatant examples of what some women are wearing on their clothing.  Do you think they understand the “spiritual ramifications” of what they are promoting?

I’ll refrain from posting anything more decadent on this issue with the clothing and what is represented, but move on to other uses of the number 69 and how it is being utilized to represent “physical and spiritual union” in additional ways than just the one shown above.  Of course, anyone who would wear the above clothing clearly does not understand the “spiritual” ramifications of the act and actions they are proclaiming; and the other uses of the number 69 also escape the “wisdom” and understanding of most who bear witness to them.  What does the New World Order under the coming Antichrist/Lucifer have to do with this number?  Everything!  We are talking about “numerical rituals” being performed to usher in the “Coming Forth By Day” of Antichrist/Lucifer.


Is NASA involved in the “69 game” of calling for the birth of Antichrist/Lucifer?  The 69th Mission of NASA lifted off of runway “33”!  As we proceed in the article you will start to understand how all these “spiritual numbers” of the Illuminati/Luciferian indoctrinated crowd believe in the “magi-ck” of these numbers to bring forth their soon to be exalted leader.  Take a close look at the NASA patch used to commemorate the launching of the 69th Mission, as it tells a more complete story of the number “69” and NASA’s ultimate objective.

NASA has celebrated the future “Coming Forth By Day” of Apollo, the “angel over the bottomless pit” noted for the “perdition” (complete physical and spiritual destruction) of humanity who will work his havoc on the world during the 3 1/2 year tribulation period under the reign of Antichrist/Lucifer!  Need evidence?  Then look at the following information of the NASA missions and the patches that portray each one.


We have already examined the seven heads and ten horns of the “Beast System” and their relationship to the G20 in previous articles.  If the ten horns do not materialize out of the G20 as previously discussed, then the Illuminati plan to divide the world into “ten regions”, which has been in existence for decades, could prevail!  Only time will tell exactly what final form this New World Order will assume.  The NAU nations together could well be the three horns that are “plucked up” in Daniel before the “11th horn” out of the G20 even after they are merged into the North American Union which will be formed by the planned merger of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  This would most likely form one of the “ten regions” under the Illuminati plan of world domination.  How does all of this fit in with the number 69?


The plan for a merger of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is well underway, and massive evidence of such is readily available by searching the web for NAFTA Superhighway, the Amero, and Interstate 69.  I will only provide a few brief examples of this scheme in order to show the connection to the number “69” in the overall Illuminati Plan.  I might point out that Interstate 69 is planned to go through “9” states.  Yes, “9”, the number of “Perfection” to Illuminati/Luciferian belief system.


Much has been written about the “Mark of the Beast” in previous articles, so my main attention in this article will be to reveal how this all connects with the number “69”‘ and the company that is most likely destined to manufacture the final “Mark of the Beast” implantable Biochip.  No one could make this stuff up, so feel free to check it out for yourself regarding the information I’m about to share.  VeriChip should be common knowledge to anyone who studies Bible prophecy, but there are some connections and “spiritual implications” that many have overlooked.  Here’s a brief review of what is going on with the VeriChip Corporation.


Well, most Americans have seen first-hand evidence of this now “infamous slogan” as their standard of living and the future of America (as we previously knew it) has gone down the drain into a sea of perdition!  Without belaboring that issue, what change has taken place with the VeriChip Corporation?

“PositiveID Corporation was formed on November 10, 2009, through the merger of VeriChip Corporation and Steel Vault Corporation.”

As shown above, VeriChip has made a “change” to PositiveID.  Did any real change of motives take place, or is it a “name change” only without any alteration of the overall “game plan”.  The “spiritual significance” of the numerical values of the Sumerian Code reveal a truth which might go unnoticed without closer analysis.

VeriChip change  =  768  (Sumerian Code)

PositiveID  = 768   (Sumerian Code)

As you can see, the same numerical value applies to both the words “VeriChip change” and to “PositiveID”!  How does the number 768 fit in with everything else disclosed in this series of articles and disclosures, especially with regard to the number “69”?

768  =  PositiveID  (Mark of Beast BioChip Implant?)

– 33  =  Number used by Masons, Illuminati, & Reagan’s favorite number (death, burial, & resurrection)

– 69  =   Number that represents “Union” – sexual, spiritual and political – Reagan’s age when first elected President of the United States and associated with the “raising ceremony” (NWO)


666 =   Remainder after subtracting 33 and 69 from 768!

Or stated another way, the numbers 69, 33, and 666 add to the same numerical value as PositiveID, the company now manufacturing the implantable BioChip!

As shown in Part I of The Lucifer Project – Raising Antichrist, the numbers 666 and 444 add to 1110, the number associated with the New World Order under Antichrist/Lucifer.  Consider the following information in light of everything that has been revealed previously.

Reagan + Sixty-Nine  =  1110  (Sumerian Code)

Remember, Ronald Reagan’s street address at his place of birth was 111 S. Main Street, Tampico, IL.  Once again, the following numbers reveal a pattern that is undeniable.  The three numbers, 33, 69, and 666 are all associated with Ronald Reagan as previously revealed, and they total 768, the numerical value of PositiveID!  Add the numerical value of Lucifer (444), and you have the numerical value of the name – Ronald Wilson Reagan!

33 + 69 + 666 + 444 = 1212

1110 + 33 + 69 = 1212

33 + 69 + 666 = 768

768 + 444 = 1212

RONALD WILSON REAGAN  = 1212  (Sumerian Code)


This was passed by the 111th Congress as Public Law 111-25!

Is it not more than interesting that the 111th Congress passed Public Law 111-25 for the first time in history to honor a U. S. President’s birthday who was also born at the same numerical address of 111?

Now, if all this is not enough “mystery”, then consider the fact that Reagan was elected in 1980, and the numerical value of the very street address where he was born is “1980” in the Sumerian Code!

ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN SOUTH MAIN ST.  =  1980  (Sumerian Code)


Statues, both planned and already unveiled celebrating Reagan, can be seen at the following sites.

From today, Wednesday, October 27, 2010 (the date this article was completed) to, but not including February 6, 2011 (the day the 100th Reagan Centennial Celebration begins) is exactly 102 days.  Taking Reagan’s number in the Sumerian Code (1212) and subtracting 102 leaves 1110 (Number of NWO) minus 444 (Lucifer) = 666!  The “mystery” continues…




  1. Hi Watchman. Interesting concept on the Reagan theory. I guess the numbers don’t lie so to speak.
    I also have a theory I’ve been studying for a while. The NWO will need a religion they can call their own. So with this in mind, I will leave you with this prophecy by St. Malachy.

    In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.

    God bless.

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