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As the above video shows and the evidence previously posted on this blog confirms, New Age Believers, Occultists, and Luciferians expect the Age of Aquarius to begin on 12-21-2012 (12/12).  Let’s examine, in light of everything previously posted, how the Age of Aquarius might fit in with the scenario of the coming Antichrist as it continues to unfold.  First, I’m going to keep this “expose” simple by only posting a few main points to consider without adding excessive comments or explanation.  If you have read the articles that have already been posted, then you should be able to “fill-in-the-blanks” on your own if, in fact, there are any remaining.  So the first main point is that the date of 12/21/2012 CAN BE STATED AS 1212 (12/12).  You might find the following audio presentation to be of interest.


It is my firm belief that 911 was nothing more than a “staged event” that resulted from following the Luciferian Great Work to “set fire to the Phoenix” (World Order) in order for the New World Order to rise from the ashes under the Antichrist.  The 911 Event was not just a major disaster in America, but affected, and continues to effect, the entire world!  The “war on terror” has engulfed the world as is evidenced by the continuing loss of freedom, the collapse of banks, currencies, businesses, counties, cities, and countries.  Let’s not forget also the huge number of individuals who have been forced into or are facing personal bankruptcy, or who have just abandoned their personal residence, vehicles, and other personal assets due to job loss or their inability to find work to support themselves or their families.  The Federal Reserve System’s printing of money out of “thin air” which is backed by the “Full Faith and Credit of the U. S. Government – AMERICAN CITIZENS – and the loaning or giving of it to Foreign banks and corporations, in addition to American banks and businesses, is beyond the understanding of most “average Americans”.  In short, we citizens are the Government; and it is our assets, personally and nationally, that is backing the Federal Reserve Notes in circulation.  The foreclosure of homes and commercial real estate, and the Derivatives Market Mess continues unabated.  The entire World Financial System (Current World Order) is ON FIRE and burning to the ground as the average person on the street is lulled to sleep by TV, movies, sports events, and the latest gadget from Best Buy.  We are now facing the certainty of NATIONAL FORECLOSURE of the Nation!  The majority of Americans don’t have a clue as to the “nature of the beast” that is groping them at the Airports or rearranging their DNA by TSA scan machines while at the same time reducing their retirement plans and bank accounts to ashes by lulling them to sleep under the guise of a “war on terror”.  All the ramifications of which will lead to the total loss of freedom in America!


How long will it take for the Phoenix to be rendered to mere ashes to rise again?  If the following information is correct, not long!

It has been my personal belief, since starting to study Biblical prophecy over thirty years ago, that America is the nation and country of Biblical End-Time Babylon which will eventually face total destruction.  That time has not yet arrived according to Bible prophecy.  However, America represents a part of the Phoenix (World Order) that must first face destruction as a world power financially, politically, and spiritually in order for the New World Order to rise from the ashes.  It has always been my strong conviction that America would produce, in some form and manner, the final World Ruler – Antichrist!  Perhaps this will be after America has been reduced to the level of a third-world nation and just before utter and complete destruction falls upon the land as Scripture states will fall upon Babylon!

The reading of Jeremiah Chapters 50-51 and the Book of Revelation should be enough evidence for most, but there is more evidence that Scripture offers which points to America being Last-Day Babylon, that in my opinion, “seals the deal”.  However, that’s not the subject matter of this article, so back to the main “points of interest” and the Age of Aquarius.


Many prophecy teachers and ministers have proclaimed that the beginning of the “Revived Roman Empire” can be seen in the European Common Market, the EU currency, and even the vacant seat numbered 666 in the European Parliament building.  Lindsey Williams states, in the previous audio segments with Alex Jones, that he was told by his Illuminati contacts that the primary goal of the Illuminati was to bring in THE DEVIL’S MESSIAH!  The Antichrist will take a “seat” somewhere after the dust settles to rule the world, and some things are even beyond the reach of the Illuminati and their control of the world via their wealth and power!  These points will be addressed as we continue.  Consider the following information, as it will be pertinent to the ongoing discussion of the “facts of history” that have already unfolded.

The “founding fathers” of the European Union numbered “seven”, and some prophecy teachers believe that this could be the “seven heads of the Beast System”.

It is also believed by some that the “ten horns of the Beast System” is represented by the Western European Union which has ten permanent members.

Today, the European Union and the Euro, like the U. S. and the Dollar, is facing dire consequences as some of the member countries face a financial and food crisis that appears to be unsolvable!  Both the United Nations and the European Union may change or combine in some manner to form the final New World Order under Antichrist.  It’s still too soon to state firmly how all this is going to play out, but things are set in motion for this “soon to come” historical event to take place as the “actors” perform their roles on the world stage.  For now, let’s consider the possibility that the European Union (EU) is the final body of government which will be controlled by the Antichrist in his reign.  China, Russia and Japan are not members of the EU, and Russia and China both come against the Antichrist in the latter days of his 1260 day reign.


Ireland’s current financial problems are of major concern to the EU and to the economic structure among all nations.  If the EU fails or the U. S. Dollar (Federal Reserve System) fails, all the nations on the face of the earth will be severely affected, and the Mark of the Beast may well be the final outcome of either failure to the current world financial system.

“The Presidency of the Council of the European Union has the responsibility for the functioning of the Council of the European Union that rotates between the member states of the European Union (EU) every six months. The presidency is not a single president but rather the task is undertaken by a national government. It is also not the “Presidency of the EU” (although sometimes referred to as such), as there is no such thing: each EU institution has its own President.”

As I have stated previously, I believe that things are in alignment to produce the Antichrist in the first part of the year 2013.  Ireland will serve in the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from January to June of 2013.

Green is the national color of Ireland and is the color most popular among Luciferians/Occultists the world over.  One trip to the 33 Degree House of the Temple in Washington, D. C. should be enough to convince even the most ardent skeptic.  Here’s more on the color green.

Ronald Reagan was an “Irish American” who served as the 40th President of the United States.

If you don’t quite grasp where all this is going, I’ll attempt to sum up all the “connections” in the end of this article.


“German reunification (German: Deutsche Wiedervereinigung) was the process in which the German Democratic Republic (GDR/East Germany) and Berlin, reunited into a single city, joined the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG/West Germany), as provided by its then Grundgesetz constitution Article 23. The start of this process is commonly referred by Germans as die Wende (The Turning Point.).”

Without “German reunification” the European Union would not be in existence today!  What is the significance of the numerical value of this event?

GERMAN REUNIFICATION = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

“On 18 May 1990, the two German states signed a treaty agreeing on monetary, economic and social union.”

This signing of a Unification Treaty was referred to as “The Turning Point” by Germans.  What’s the numerical significance of these two phrases?

UNIFICATION TREATY = 1260  (Sumerian Code)

THE TURNING POINT = 1260   (Sumerian Code)

How long will the Antichrist rule?  1260 days!


Without the Berlin Wall coming down first, German Reunification, the EU, and a New World Order, would not have been possible.  Who started the process for the wall coming down and a New Order of The Ages being formed?  As previously discussed, Ronald Wilson Reagan!!


We’ve looked at Reagan’s connection to Ireland, but what about to Europe and the EU?


Will an entity, who could in retrospect represent both Ireland and Europe, assume the empty seat 666 in the European Union in 2013?  Ronald Reagan was the 40th U. S. President, and it will be 40 years (1973 – 2013) since Ireland joined the EU, and Ireland will serve in the EU Presidency in 2013!  December 21, 2012 (12/12) is the beginning of a NEW AGE according to the Mayan Calendar and to the Illuminists/Luciferians/Occultists.  Consider some of the other things centered around the number 1212 below.

RONALD WILSON REAGAN = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

GERMAN REUNIFICATION = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

PRESIDENT’S CROWN = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

PRESIDENT’S NUMBER = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

BEAST OF THE LAST DAYS = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

PRESIDENT OF BABYLON = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

SIX SIX SIX REAGAN = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

THIRTY THREE REAGAN = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

PRESIDENT’S OBELISK = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

PRESIDENT MAITREYA = 1212  (Sumerian Code)


The following links will provide information regarding what is called the “Sure Sign of The Nail” and its ramifications in the spirit realm.

SURE SIGN OF THE NAIL = 1212  (Sumerian Code)

Is the Age of Aquarius about to produce the final world leader known as the Antichrist/Lucifer (Satan incarnate in human flesh) who was born under the Sign of Aquarius?  Ronald Wilson Reagan was an Aquarian born on 2/6/1911!




  1. fascinating info on morman’s i was not aware of any of their practices..and of course mitt romney, a morman, is currently republican frontrunner for president in 2012.

  2. How will this work for a aquarius concidering im born under the sign of aquarius is there further worry in the near future or will there be born again life to never knowing such a terrifying horrific truth about democracy sorry if my question is all over the place if you understand my meanings of my question please answer im curious to know more with answers of this future and what it my hold. Seeing all of this and knowing what I know now sure seems to be alot and mind blowing for someone like me since I’ve only stumbled accross this by seeing these number alot 1212 1111 2222 222 333 444 ive noticed them since 2011 and havent stoped seeing them since. What do they all mean exactly ? Ive notice there’s angels so some meaning tell me and then I get this please inform me more thanks?????

    • Hi James! I would suggest that you start at the beginning of the articles if you seek to understand the full ramifications of what you’re reading. Go to and proceed through the articles in the order written. You can click on the link to the next article at the bottom of the page on each article after you read it to progress in the manner in which they were written.


  3. So our future is in the hands of something of which we cannot control we are the puppets of the world order and have to pay for the actions of which we do not see or know of the doing ? plain site of the truth ? Im in need of alot of study to this new but old site im seeing now.

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