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America’s symbol is the eagle whose wings are large enough to cast a shadow upon the ground when flying between the light of the sun and the earth.  Also, the numerous aircraft flying over the nation each day also makes America a land “shadowing with wings” as well.  Now, consider the latest military development of drones  flying over the cities of America for the sole purpose of the surveillance of U. S. citizens.  Truly, America fits the description of a land that is “shadowing with wings”.  Whether shadowing is interpreted as casting shadows or buzzing, all of the above instances still fit the description of a “land shadowing with wings”!  I present the following research on Chapter 18 of Isaiah for your  spiritual discernment as to its relationship to America.  This research comes from the viewpoints of others who also have discovered many of the same parallels between Isaiah 18 and America in Scripture.

Isaiah 18

1Woe to the land shadowing with wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia:

2That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of bulrushes upon the waters, saying, Go, ye swift messengers, to a nation scattered and peeled, to a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden down, whose land the rivers have spoiled!

3All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.

4For so the LORD said unto me, I will take my rest, and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs, and like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.

5For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches.

6They shall be left together unto the fowls of the mountains, and to the beasts of the earth: and the fowls shall summer upon them, and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them.

7In that time shall the present be brought unto the LORD of hosts of a people scattered and peeled, and from a people terrible from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden under foot, whose land the rivers have spoiled, to the place of the name of the LORD of hosts, the mount Zion.

From the very first time that I read the 18th Chapter of Isaiah I was convinced in my spirit that America was the unnamed nation depicted and described therein.  If this is the correct interpretation of those verses, then the destruction will fall upon America before the end of Harvest Time which occurs in the month of October and perhaps early into November in America.  With all the evidence around the globe being a sure sign that we have entered into the “time of sorrows” leading up to the three and one-half years of Great Tribulation, Harvest Time is fast approaching.  Are we now at the threshold of America’s destruction, or will this destruction come “before the harvest” in the Fall of 2012?



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