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Nobel Peace laureat Lech Walesa of Poland is saying that we all should be bowing before Ronald Reagan as if he was or is some type of a god!

“Let us bow before Ronald Reagan for the fact that our generation was able to bring an end to the great divisions and conflicts of the world,” Mr Walesa said in a ceremony in the heart of the Polish capital Warsaw.”

The full article and a photo of the statute of Reagan unveiled in Poland can be seen at the following link:

Reagan is continually being deified not only by the American Press and American politicians, but by foreign governments and dignitaries as well.  No other American President, or really any leader of any country on the face of the earth, has ever received this kind of attention during life or after death.  He is being billed as a “Man of Peace”!


With the failure of the Super Committee to establish a plan to reduce the National Debt all but a certainty, even Fox News gets in on the act of asking: “Where is our Ronald Reagan?”

Here’s just a tidbit of what Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland, deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs under Reagan and now a Fox News contributor on foreign policy and national security issues, had to say regarding Ronald Reagan and his accomplishments.

“When I came to the Pentagon as part of the Reagan administration, we found ships that couldn’t sail, and planes that couldn’t fly, because they didn’t have the fuel or spare parts. For every plane we could use, there was a second one we were cannibalizing for spare parts to keep the first one in the air. Military pay was so low our junior enlisted qualified for food stamps. President Reagan reversed all that and went on to rebuild the military, repair the economy and win the Cold War without firing a shot.”

Yes, she stated that Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot!  How many wars in all of history have been fought between nations where a nation won the war without a shot being fired either from a bow, a cannon, or a gun unless there was some type of divine intervention that sealed the outcome?

More information about Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland and her background along with her current status can be viewed here:


Again, all this “bowing to and calling for” the former Reagan and “another Reagan” to take his place is certainly in alignment with what is presented in the  THE LOST SYMBOL DECODED

That is, the deification of a former World Leader who is to return in some form as a god to rule again!  Years ago when I first started seeing these things taking place, never, in my wildest imagination, did I believe that we would see this series of events continue into the year 2011.  It is now  thirty-one years later, and the beat goes on!  Most all other U.S. Presidents and former World Leaders across the globe have either retired, died, or been almost completely forgotten in World News and the events of the day, but Ronald Wilson Reagan is truly unique…


Yes, it came out this year, 2011.  See the information at:


A series of statues have been placed around the U. S. marking Reagan’s 100th Anniversary.  Here’s a video of one that was unveiled on 11/1/2011.



Reagan is being used by the Liberals as an example of what the Republican right should act like in the fight over resolving the National Debt crisis.


“President Ronald Reagan has won a national poll in which voters declared they would most like to bring back Reagan than any other president in history.”




  1. When I went to one of the links you gave, with a man and woman on either side of the statue, “bigger than life” came to me instantly.

    I wonder, Watchman, is it possible a “bigger than life” candidate will appear on the scene at the last moment for the Republicans, or is it too late?

    Born-again friends don’t want to hear anything of a warning, as they still usually believe in being whisked out of here in some kind of rapture, and do not believe they need to worry or prepare for what is coming. It creates tension when brought up…or dead silence, change of subject etc.

    Thank you for presenting the truth, whether everyone wants to hear it or not. We will be looked to for the answers, (though I am sure we will be stunned also as it unfolds), and you help prepare us with an understanding that we can pass on later as believers may look to us for some answers.

    Be safe, Phyllis

    • Phyllis,

      I’m seriously thinking about addressing the “Rapture Issue” in-depth in another article. But you are so right, it is a real “turn-off” and creates much tension between believers who hold a different viewpoint on the subject even though they have never done any serious research from the Scriptures themselves on the issue.

      From the way things stand at this point in time, I’ll be surprised if another U.S. Presidential election even takes place in 2012 due to the world and U.S. economic turmoil alone. It would not surprise me in the least to see the current administration declare a “National Emergency” before an election takes place and rule as a dictator under FEMA and Executive Orders. That remains to be seen.

      What comes to my mind when viewing the statues being placed around the globe of Reagan is found in the following verses:

      Revelation 13
      14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

      15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

      Images that talk, speak, and have power to kill, sounds a little like Science Fiction, but much of the Book of Revelation does unless you understand and see things therein in the proper context.


  2. Thank you for the quick response, Watchman.

    I told a good born-again (Baptist) friend of mine that I doubted that there would be another election. Have mentioned it twice. She still thinks of the leadership in this country as made up of deluded,greedy men without much thought to the spiritual side of things. She also believes the Constitution will be preserved in the end, people will “vote the rascals out” and all will be fine again, as God loves this great nation….and so forth.

    . When I mention I realllly do not think there will be another election, the conversation quickly ends.

    I am not trying to upset her, or be argumentative. I care what happens to this dear person, and want her and her family to prepare. It is not going to happen.

    Yes, I surely hope you do an article on the Rapture. It may just save some lives.

    Thanks, Phyllis

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