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As previously disclosed, Super Bowl XLV will be held on what would have been Ronald Reagan’s 1ooth birthday.  At the same time another party will be taking place to “watch” Super Bowl XLV on TV.  We have already seen that the word hundred has the same numerical value as Lucifer.  So, what’s unique about this party of 100 people?

LUCIFER    =  444

HUNDRED  =  444

Presidential appearance

“During a press conference on January 19, 2011 President Barack Obama (a longtime Chicago Bears fan) said he would attend Super Bowl XLV if the Chicago Bears defeated the Green Bay Packers, saying “If the Bears win, I’m going no doubt”.[10] Chicago ended up losing the NFC Championship game a few days later on January 23 to Green Bay 21-14 and therefore will not be representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. In a post-game locker-room speech by Green Bay Packers corner Charles Woodson he poked fun at the President’s comment saying “The President don’t want to come watch us at the Super Bowl, guess what? We’re going to see him” (implying that Green Bay would win the Super Bowl and visit the White House as the winning team does each year). Woodson then broke the Packers meeting with a team cheer of “White House!”.[11] On January 26 President Obama visited Green Bay and was greeted by Mayor Jim Schmitt and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who presented the President with 2 Green Bay Packers Jerseys. The first had Obama’s name on the back with the number 1 and the second was an autographed Charles Woodson jersey with the message “See you at the White House. Go Packers!” written on the back by Woodson. [12]

Obama, who is also a Steelers fan and considers the team to be his second-favorite after the Bears, himself openly supported the Steelers two years earlier in Super Bowl XLIII after the Rooney family helped with his campaigning work and later appointed Steelers chairman Dan Rooney, an ethnic Irish Catholic, the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland.[13] He will not attend the game; instead, he will host a 100-person Super Bowl party at the White House. Attendees include his family, elected leaders from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Buffalo, New York mayor Byron Brown, Buffalo deputy mayor Steve Casey, and Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker.[14][15]


Please watch the two videos and read the article that is provided at the following link:


Here’s another take on the upcoming Super Bowl XLV event scheduled just a few short hours away.  Could this be the event that many have been expecting to happen?  My prayer is that a nuclear explosion or anything else will not occur tomorrow, but the “warning” has been sounded!




  1. My great-grandfather had all the “atomic scriptures” marked in his Bible. And he was known to say, after WWII that all the things we have “sent overseas (especially to Russia) will be thrown back at us.”
    I wish I had his old Bible now!

    • Hi Cathi!

      Sounds like your great-grandfather was a real “Bible” student! Sorry to say, not many people are “Bible readers” in today’s world. The question is, where else does anyone go to check out anything being put forth by anyone or any organization if not from the Word of God? That is the only foundation of “truth” that can be trusted, and I’m speaking of the AKJV which came from the original manuscripts not the “corrupt” Alexandrian manuscripts upon which the New Testament of all “modern versions” is based. Need proof? Check out the following:


  2. I find it interesting that former employer of Reagan, GE, is supporting the celebration. Of course, commercially, many businesses would want to jump on board if they could for the positive advertising. However, it is intersting that the current CEO of GE is a very close friend of our current president, and his “Job Czar”. This “Job Czar” outsources thousands of jobs out of the country and to China.

    Ya gotta wonder if there is more to it than GE as only a former employer, celebrating a famous former employee. It benefits the “Left” and the “Right” to celebrate Reagan… curious.


    • Phyllis, the Right Wing and the Left Wing are just two wings off the same bird – the Illuminati Bird! Your astute observations show that you’re paying attention to what’s really going on in the world…


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