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Before his murder, Bill Cooper wrote a book entitled, Behold A Pale Horse. The book has now been made available by Hour of The Time, for free download for anyone with the desire to read it.  The link to the book can be found at:

Has Time Magazine just joined the “game” with the current issue of their magazine now available at your local bookstore?  With Obama and Reagan pictured side by side on the cover of TIME, and then, Sarah Palin all but bowing down in worship of Reagan in her new book which portrays Reagan as her “idol” and “hero”, it’s as if a “Messiah” is about to return!


Watch the video beginning at approximately 1:19 on…


Yahoo News just reported that Super Bowl XLV had the largest U. S. viewing audience ever recorded in history – 111 Million!

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer David Bauder, Ap Television WriterMon Feb 7, 5:29 pm ET

NEW YORK – For the second year in a row, the Super Bowl has set a record for American television viewing.

The Nielsen Co. said Monday that an estimated 111 million people watched the Green Bay Packers outlast the Pittsburgh Steelers in professional football’s ultimate game. That tops the 106.5 million who watched the 2010 game between New Orleans and Indianapolis.



  1. you do know WHO owns Time magazine right?…….The Rothschilds.

    • Good observation! I missed your pointing out the “pale horse rider” in one of your comments, as I was working on posting that very thing along with the “Time” update. Thanks for the “heads up”…


  2. what are your thoughts on the ‘pale rider’?

    • The video appears to be real, and death is certainly evident in Egypt. My take on it is that it is either real, or one of the best faked videos I’ve seen, since it seems to have appeared “live” on the News Media’s broadcasts. Some feel that it was only a “reflection” on the camera lens, but it doesn’t look like a reflection to me. Also, there seems to have been more than one video made of this same event from different positions. It could well be a “warning” from the Lord to the world, via TV, that we are indeed in the time of the “Pale Horse Rider”! The most obvious question is this: “Where there any eye-witnesses, other than the person who shot the video or videos, that saw it live with their own eyes?” In short, I don’t have enough information to rule out either stance on the event…


  3. Haha, pretty cool I must say. But probably fake. I saw a video the other day explaining how it’s done, reflecting images on glass and video etc… I’m guessing it’s a fake. It would be cool though, if it’s real 🙂

  4. I don’t believe it is fake…..yes, of course people are ASSuming it is. Funny how when people see a video that seem’s too good to be true, that suddenly everyone becomes a CGI expert.

    Watchman….do you have a thread that post info about 11? I have stuff to add to perhaps keep our eyes open for.

    • Sorry for the delay in answering your question, but my internet service has been down. As for the “Pale Horse Rider” being real or fake, in my opinion, it has served the purpose of a “warning” to the world of what’s coming according to the Book of Revelation either way. I have discussed the number 11 in more than one article I believe, but you might want to post your information in the comments section of the article found at:


    • @HeLives
      I’m not saying I’m an expert, far from. But I did see a video a few days before on how they make you believe it’s real, that’s all.

      Sometimes I ask myself the question if, they are deliberately making things up, sharing info on the net, which are so unbelievable so the people who talk about these stuff sound crazy, so that no one would believe them. For an example the reptilian conspiracy! is it true? I don’t know. Do I talk about? NO, NO, NO cause if I would, I would sound crazy and there’s no one who would believe me anymore.

      Regards, and keep up the good work. The truth is out there, people just have to become aware, which, in my opinion ain’t that easy.

      Doesn’t supprise me you’re getting attacked, having the same problem. they are trying to hack my website, but until now they couldn’t lol 🙂

  5. hello , watchman
    just wanted to say thanks again for the education , my wife and I are rereading all of your archives again and we pick up on symbols and numbers now, for example the crop circle of the phoenix in your blog such as the 3 claws on each leg the 3 circle emblems at the feet and at the top the emblem that looks like an alarm clock also the phoenix has just started on fire, so is this stating that the burn down is in the process, and the way I understand it the phoenix sets it’s self on fire for the planned event for rebirth.. their is so much more from your articles, we could go on and on about them. and we look forward to each new posting.. thanks your brother in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    • Thank you Chuck! It’s really nice to know that people are receiving “insight” from my postings. There is so much that could be stated about the things that I cover, that I have a hard time knowing exactly when to stop writing a given topic. If you’ve noticed lately, some of my articles have been “linked” to other sites for clarification, or further research by the reader, with less comments coming from me.


  6. hello watchman
    forgot to say that now obama is calling himself the gipper, if you caught that on the drudge report.

    • Hi Chuck….what is a gipper? I have looked for that name and I am not finding the meaning.

    • Yes, I read that somewhere too Chuck! Interesting…



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